Dr. Jeremy Thomas DPM, DABMSP - Board Certified Podiatrist

on 28 February 2018

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Jeremy Thomas DPM, DABMSP in becoming recently board certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery as well as Primary Care of Podiatric Medicine. This is a huge accomplishment that Dr. Thomas has strived toward since founding Triangle Foot and Ankle Specialist, PC in 2009. The board certification was granted by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine (ABPM). The ABPM states that in order for the certification to be rewarded, the podiatrist must be judged by his or hers peers demonstrating knowledge of the field, competence of the practice, and an accompanying examination process. The examination consists of two parts that evaluate the knowledge in the field as well as taking in clinical information to create a diagnosis and/or treatment plan. Along with the rigorous exam testing, Dr. Thomas also had to present a case evaluation section that included many surgeries and procedures. Therefore as you can see, this process is quite an achievement!

Come see today how Dr. Thomas can help you treat your foot and ankle needs!

Kinesiology Tape in Pediatric Bunion Treatment

on 02 January 2018

Most recently, Dr. Thomas has given back to the podiatry community by writing a chapter on kinesiology tape for the "Podiatry Institute Update Book 2018". Specifically, the chapter contains details regarding kinesiology tape and the treatment for pediatrics with bunions. He continues to remain dedicated to education as well as impacting those around him. As the chapter mentions, there are a variety of ways to treat foot and ankle conditions. Treatments are discussed beginning with conservative measurements as well as surgical steps. Kinesiology tape is just one innovative approach that can be used to help overcome painful symptoms. Come by Triangle Foot and Ankle Specialist to see how Dr. Thomas can help your foot and ankle needs!

How To Keep Your Feet Healthy This Holiday Season

on 07 December 2016

You may be doing a lot of standing, walking, dancing or sitting in the same position throughout the holiday season. According to a survey conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, about half of all Americans have experienced foot pain. No one wants injuries or soreness to slow them down during the holiday season and keeping your feet healthy will carry you through all those seasonal activities. Some ways to keep your feet healthy include moisturizing, massaging, and exercising your feet, raising your legs if you have been sitting for a long period of time and wearing comfortable shoes.

Giving Back

on 27 April 2016

As a physician, Dr. Thomas is very committed to his community both geographic and professional.

As we have mentioned on our website, Dr. Thomas is dedicated to the education and progress of his colleagues in the field of podiatry. For this reason, he teaches Continuing Medical Education courses at the nationally renowned Podiatry Institute in Atlanta, GA. The Podiatry Institute is a non-profit educational foundation that offers a variety of programs including conferences, workshops and postgraduate courses that provide CME (Continuing Medical Education) credits for the physicians attending. The Institute has achieved national and international recognition for its leading role in developing and advancing podiatric medicine and surgery. By teaching these courses, without compensation, Dr. Thomas can share his vast knowledge of podiatric surgery with other podiatrists nationwide and help to further excellent care for patients.

Locally, Dr. Thomas is keenly aware of the need for contribution from practices to help in the community. Triangle Foot and Ankle Specialist sponsors events, such as their Silver Sponsorship for the Woods Charter School annual auction, in April and their Gold Sponsorship for the Green Hope Robotics Team fundraiser also in April. The practice sets aside funds each year for participation in local events to help the community.