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on 09 January 2016
Top 10 Podiatry Clinics in Cary
Triangle Foot And Ankle Specialist, P.C. has been recognized as one of the top Cary Podiatry practices.
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Triangle Foot and Ankle Specialist

on 07 October 2015

Ten months into our new office location and things could not be better. We continue to thrive as the top foot and ankle medical facility in the Triangle. With the larger more convenient location we offer patients more space to park, relax and be seen in an exam room. We continue to offer the most state of the art office experience with EMR, Digital X-ray,Wireless and much more. I continue to be proud of my staff and their ability to get both existing and new patients appointments as quickly as possible. We welcome patients of all ages and conditions. We hope that you will decide to call us and be a part of our office. Please visit our website at or call us at 919-851-3435. Thanks to everyone who follows our blog.


on 13 May 2015

I get a lot of questions from patients about proper travel foot wear. If air travel is part of the journey then consider closed toed shoes. The shoes should be lite weight and comfortable. I prefer shoes to be worn with socks and consider dry fit socks as well. I also recommended proper fit shoes with mesh or a soft material. Try to avoid all leather shoe gear. Tennis shoes, walking shoes or running shoes helps cushion your feet and keep them protected from the outside environment. It can make a long travel day with proper shoe gear a much more enjoyable experience.


on 24 February 2015

Triangle Foot and Ankle Specialist is and will be open during the snow and inclement weather. We are seeing patients during this time. We are also seeing any emergency that may arise from the weather. This is a busy time for ankle and foot sprains and fractures from falls due to the ice and snow. Of course be careful and wear shoes/boots with good tread. If you require a walker or cane on a regular basis be sure to use your cane/walker to help stabilize if you must go out in this weather. We hope everyone is careful but feel free to call our office 919-851-3435 if you need care. If you already have a scheduled appointment with us we look forward to seeing you in the office. Thanks, Dr. Jeremy Thomas