Diabetic Footwear

Dr. Thomas is aware that proper footwear is a critical part of the overall treatment program for diabetic patients. Even at the earliest stages of the disease, if there is any evidence of neuropathy, swelling, foot deformity, callouses or ulcers, wearing the right footwear is essential to maintaining the health of the feet.

One of the most important functions of proper footwear for diabetics is to relieve areas of excessive pressure. Any area where there is excessive pressure can lead to skin breakdown or ulcers. Footwear should help to relieve these high pressure areas, and therefore reduce the occurrence of related problems.

There are many options available to diabetic patients that include orthotics, prescription shoes, shoe modifications and custom shoes. At our office we have a wide variety of diabetic footwear that Dr. Thomas can prescribe or customize for individual patients’ requirements. He is very experienced in working with diabetic patients to find the optimal footwear option to help to control the potential damage to their feet caused by their condition.
Call our office to schedule an appointment to discuss the best footwear choices for your individual foot. Medicare and other insurance carriers provide for diabetic footwear for qualified patients. We can assist you in determining if you do qualify and then can prescribe the necessary footwear for you.