Orthotics are an important tool in helping to make patients more comfortable, improve their gait, and alleviate pain. In addition to day-to-day comfort level, orthotics can also help to improve athletic performance as they eliminate pain caused by an abnormal gait.

Dr. Jeremy Thomas, DMP, DABMSP is extremely experienced in the fitting of custom orthotics. He uses the plaster mold method of generating the impression of each patient’s foot for the most precise and reliable base for the manufacture of the custom orthotic. Dr. Thomas will send the mold, along with the prescription for the desired correction of the individual foot, to the manufacturer. The prescription for the orthotic is based on a thorough gait and foot analysis done at your office visit. Your foot-related lifestyle will also be considered – type shoes you prefer, athletic activities, work requirements, foot type, etc. Once the orthotic is received the patient will return for a fitting where Dr. Thomas will again do a gait analysis and assure that the orthotic is optimal for your needs.
orthotics casts 
           Actual Orthotic Casts 
Orthotics are available for many types of shoes, from athletic shoes to dress shoes, and for a wide variety of foot and ankle problems. The purpose of the orthotic is to hold the foot in a certain position while controlling the amount of motion the joints complete during the gait cycle. Every foot has a unique arch and foot shape as well as requiring different amounts of positioning. Custom orthotics are significantly more effective than over-the-counter inserts that are not made specifically for your foot and ankle needs.